To all our new arrivals!

me with my blue boy lavender orpington rooster

Hey everyone! I had to get on here and say Welcome and Thank you!

It has been great seeing the traffic we are getting on here. I must apologize, I had some big ideas for upcoming videos and reviews, and well, nothing goes as planned. It is 2020 after all. 

I had my products ready, camera charged and a great idea for a shooting location. Then it all pretty much got pushed away. We are dealing with a lot at home, illnesses, not "that one". October was a beast and it rolled right through to November. 

Folks, I am mustering up and girding my loins as they would say. I have things to do and you all are missing out with each passing day. 

I have on hand, three products to review. I am going to shoot a video for each. One a week. Each item will be given away if you like, share, comment on the Youtube channel video corresponding with the presented item you have a chance to win. Great odds right now with the newness of the channel ;) The winner for each item will be announced in the following video. So, a prize a week is my goal! 

Maybe one day I can give a BIG prize, fingers crossed! I would love to, but first, gotta grab my boot straps and work hard. This small business stuff is no joke!

Thank you again for all the newcomers. I know a lot of people came over here because of the amazing support from Mike and Lacie on the Fit Farmer channel. They are truly, genuinely, excellent people. I cannot express enough how blessed I am to have them in my life.

I hope that all of you are staying healthy and strong. Avoid the bugs, take lots of vitamin C, brew some pine needle tea (not joking). Stay strong, stay healthy, stay hopeful.


Jessica :)

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