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This is a family owned business located in Kentucky, United States.

We are active in our community and members of the local farmers market. Our day to day lives include homeschooling kids, raising different breeds of chickens and growing our garden. Providing food for our family and others in our community is essential. We encourage networking amongst those with skills that can build community and teaching others to foster new skills for themselves. 

We are believe in being close to family, friends, nature and God. Our work may never cease but we are doing what we can to make each day count as an investment towards our future and the next generation. We hope to help others do the same and be prepared with tools and information to grow. Our website is a means to connect with people around us. We hope one day that Going Off-Grid isn't just a store it is a connection point for others. 

We hope that you are blessed and that you are able to achieve your dreams to be more self sustaining and open doors for creative ventures in your own life.

Your friends at Going Off-Grid!