10L Collapsible Survival Water Storage Bag

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10L/2.9gal Collapsible Survival Water Storage Bag

This collapsible bag is small enough to store in a vehicle, or luggage or in a cabin. I can see this bag becoming very handy around the homestead. Watering animals, emergency issues, water is always necessary and helpful. On the road, it would mean security in bad weather or on long trips. It's just smart to have plenty of clean, potable water on hand. This bag meets that need fairly well. Not to mention 2.9 gallons is not going to be over burdensome to carry if it is absolutely necessary. 

Capacity: 10L/2.9gal
Colour: Light blue
Material: Food grade PE
Temperature range:0°C to 80°C
Dimension: approx. 14.96 x 16.14inch/410x380mm(unfolded without water)