ACOPOWER Solar Generator 150Wh (Kit with 50w Solar)

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  • Going Off Grid solar products are made in the USA and ship quickly to you.
  • Kit Includes: 1x 150wh Solar Generator and all its accessories; 1x 50W Foldable Solar Panel with MC4 connector (Charge Controller is not included)
  • The two connects to each other by MC4 Adapter (Included)
  • Charged by solar panels, the home AC and car; Design for outdoor camping with LCD display and Emergency Light; 6-8 Hours for the solar panel to give the solar generator a full charge, Lithium power supply of 40,800mAH, 3.7V/150wh
  • Output for AC 110V devices, DC 12V and USB recharging electronics, with UPS mode; Portable solar power supply for Camping and Hiking.
  • Designed for Electrics and Cpap machine power supply, to power big devices, please choose a bigger system; Reliable brand and company provides technical support in North America

ACOPOWER 50w 12V Mono Foldable Charger User Manual

ACOPower 150wh Portable Solar Generator Battery User Manual