ACOPOWER Waterproof ProteusX 20A PWM Solar Charge Controller with Alligator Clips and MC4 Connectors

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  • Accessories include MC4 connector- for solar panels; SAE connector for pre-wired 2 Pin socket in the sidewall of RV; 20A standard fuse; alligator clamps for a car battery or 12 volts lead acid battery
  • 5 stages of charging for 100% return of capacity and longer battery life- Soft, Bulk, Absorption, Equalization, and Float stages. Protection against: reverse polarity and battery connection, reverse current from battery to solar panel protection at night, over-temperature, and over-voltage
  • 8 Battery Type Compatible -Lithium-ion, LiFePO4, LTO, Gel, AGM, Flooded, Crystal, and Calcium.
  • Regulator for protection of your battery and devices, stop charging after battery's full charge, automatically start when voltage drops
  • Connect the charge controller to battery firstly, then connect the solar panel. Technical support and customer service in the USA; based in California, ACOPOWER has 7+ solar industry experience ready for any assistance.