Professional Knife Sharpening Kit

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The Professional Knife Sharpening Kit

Made of sturdy iron and steel, this Professional Knife Sharpening Kit is going to last years.

It can be used on scissors and planer tools, kitchen knives, hunting knives, and more. It has an adjustment setting to hone your knife to fit 5 ~ 90 degrees. An excellent learning opportunity to gain knowledge, and hone a skill that you will always use. Quickly and easily change to different whetstones for sharpening needs. No screwdriver needed for tightening or loosening the device when setting up or tearing down. 


 Package includes :

1. 100% Original Ruixin Knife sharpener

2. 4pcs whetstone(120#+320#+600#+1500#)(these 4 stones are gifts

3. Packing case