(Small Garden) 20 kinds Heirloom USA Seeds

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(Small Garden) Survival Garden Emergency Food Seeds 20 kinds Heirloom USA Seeds

Seeds for a small garden. Great for people with small spaces still wanting to grow their own natural, healthy food in general or for survival food, and emergency prepping. All seeds are heirloom, NON-GMO just the way God so lovingly made them. All our seeds are grown right here on our farm straight to you. All our seeds packs come with instructions for planting. In this collection, you get 20 individual packs of seeds. Each pack is in a see-thru waterproof zip-lock baggie, so you can see exactly what you are getting. Here is a list of the exact seeds packs you will get.

1. Beefsteak Tomato, 2. Red Cherry Tomato, 3.Yellow Pear Tomato, 4. California Wonder Green Bell Pepper, 5. Jalapeno Pepper, 6. Black Zucchini Squash, 7.Black Beauty Eggplant, 8. Tendersweet Carrot, 9. National Pickling Cucumber, 10. Waltham Broccoli, 11. Long Island Brussel Sprouts, 12. Evergreen Bunching Onions, 13. Copenhagen Market Cabbage, 14. Iceberg Head Lettuce, 15. Detroit Dark Red Beets, 16. Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans, 17. Yellow Popcorn, 18. Small Pie Pumpkin, 19. Honey Rock Cantaloupe, 20. Charleston Grey Watermelon

*Bonus- Marigold seeds to help with pollination.

We now sell 4 different sizes of complete garden packages. SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE & JUMBO Garden packages. Perfect for feeding your family healthy food. Great for survival, prepping, organic, and heirloom gardening. We sell over 1000 kinds of heirloom seeds in our store. Be sure to check it out. We combine shipping. Put all the items you want to buy in your cart and pay for everything together on one invoice to get combined shipping on all items. ***We are on about a 5-day shipping delay as we have hundreds of orders pouring in each day right now and we will mail your orders out as soon as possible. We are working 20 hours a day printing and packing orders. Over 10,000 happy customers. A big thank you to all our loyal customers. God Bless