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Thai Purple Podded Bean

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Thai Purple Podded Yard Long Bean Seeds -GREAT TASTE- 
Yard Long Bean - Purple Podded Thai Yard Long Bean- 90 days. Absolutely the most unusual and spectacular yard-long bean for the garden. This standout plant is heat-tolerant and robust, producing astounding purple-colored, 18-20 inch long bean pods. Sweet and stringless, enjoy them steamed, stir-fried, or in a soup. High-yielding plants! THE LONG BEANS ARE SO DELICIOUS.  15 Seeds

We grow our own seeds and use NO pesticides or chemicals. We do not sell GMO seeds! It is such a great feeling to grow your own food and know it is healthy for you and your family. All our seeds are fresh from this year's growing season and tested for germination.

Let's all work together to save and protect heirloom seeds and our beautiful earth.

God Bless!