The Three Amigos Camp Stove

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  • The Three Amigos Camp Stove

  • This three burner stove offers a larger cooking surface than the average propane stove. Two burners run up to 25 Kelvin and 1 burner up to 10 Kelvin. This stove is more versatile and offers you a resting warming area for hot water, or coffee while the other two are working to cook your meal. This stove, though larger than the other models still has the compact suitcase design. This allows you to use the lid for a splash guard and wind break. Side panels included for the same reason. Easy to clean, compact when stored, lightweight. It is made for camping, RV trips or daily use. 

  • PROPANE STOVE - 2 - 25 K AND 1-10 K BURNERS #212-300