WaterBrick/Seychelle Pump 2 Pure Pocket Pump Water Filtration System

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This Waterbrick and Seychelle water filtration system will provide you with clean drinking water. Perfect for a camping trip or an emergency situation, this system can filter up to 100 gallons of clean drinking water. The system is built to reduce up to 99.9999-percent of cysts, bacteria, and viruses from most water sources. The simple filtration system is easy to use and can store in a small space.

Eliminates or reduces up to 99.9999-percent of waterborne contamination such as Aesthetic - Unpleasant taste, odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment, chlorine Bacteriologicals - harmful viruses, bacteriological pathogens, cryptosporidium, giardia Chemicals - toxic chemicals, arsenic, trihalomethanes, PCBs, PCEs, detergents, and pesticides (DDT) Dissolved solids - heavy metals, aluminum, asbestos, cadmium, chromium 6, copper, lead and mercury Reduces up to 90-percent of fluoride Radiological - Gross Beta, Radon 222, Alpha Radium 226, Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium 134 and 137 pH - increases the alkalinity (pH) of the drinking water up to 9.5

  • Filtration Method: Carbon Absorption
  • Size each: 9 inches wide x 18 inches long x 6 inches high
  • Lid diameter: 3.25 inches
  • Empty product weight: 2.52 pounds
  • Made from HDPE plastic
  • WaterBrick filled with water can be frozen
  • Notched lid with full rubber gasket for a tight seal
  • Carrying handle included with each WaterBrick (detachable)
  • BPA-free and FDA-compliant for storing water and food
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • not designed for storing fuels or oil
  • Interlocking design for easy stacking, storage, and stability
  • A temperature-resistant constant of -104.8°F to 230°F

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